Marriage with a citizen of Great Britain


Marriage with a citizen of Great Britain

According to the UN, the UK is in 15th place in the rating of life satisfaction. It is a developed European state with a high standard of living, education and healthcare, decent salaries, economic and political stability, as well as various democratic freedoms. One of the ways to move there is to marry a Brit. But it is not so easy to register your marriage in the UK. It is necessary to prepare a large package of documents, including certificates confirming the place of residence, bank statements, utility bills. It is much easier and faster to register a marriage union on the territory of Ukraine. UST-group company offers the service of marriage with a foreigner in Kyiv in 1 day.

What documents are needed to register a marriage in Kyiv?
For successful registration, the following documents should be prepared in advance:
- From a Ukrainian: an internal passport, a divorce document (if there was a divorce).
- From a foreigner: a foreign passport, a divorce document with an apostille stamp (if there was a divorce).
Translations of documents are not required.

What does the marriage registration service with citizen of Great Britain in Ukraine include?
- consultation at all stages of the process;
- translation of necessary documents;
- submission of an application to the Registry Office;
- preparation and execution of a request to the Migration Service of Ukraine;
- registration of marriage in the registry office;
- apostille for a new marriage certificate.

How long does it take to get married?
UST-group company will help you to sign in just 1 day!

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